Sunday, September 14, 2008

Olivia and Sam to pre-school

Olivia and Sam are off to school too. Olivia will go M, W, F morning and Sam T, TH. So I will have special time with each of them in the mornings this year. It's amazing how quiet it is with only one child at home. It's a beautiful thing!! Olivia is very ready for school and would love it if it was every day, although she is looking forward to her time with mom. Sam is ready too and it really helps that his cousin Meg is in his class.

Off to first grade

Caleb is an official first grader and has been for two weeks now. He has adjusted with absolutely no problem to all day school. In fact I have been surprised at how well he has done. He has a wonderful teacher that seems to be exactly what I prayed for as far as working with his personality and learning style. I really missed him the first two weeks, but realize that I am doing fine in letting him get out and spread his first grade wings. He is such an awesome kid with a kind heart and a wonderful imagination. Every night he asks me how he can get to Narnia and in the morning he tells me he has been there in his dreams. At this point in life he says he wants to be a writer because he loves stories.

Bobby goes to Bogota

In late August Bobby had the chance to lead a team of fifteen, including college students and adults, on a trip to Bogota, Columbia (does that remind anyone else of the song we learned in high school spanish)? The team worked at an all-girl orphanage started last winter by one of Bobby's former college students and a local church. They helped build on to the church/orphanage, helped paint the girl's living quarters, and ran VBS for the girls each day. It was a life changing experience for all of the team and they plan on returning each summer. I may have the chance to go next year. May God bless the people of Bogota and this particular church in the work that they are doing!

Samuel turns three arrrrrrr!!!

Can't believe Samuel is already three (Aug. 2). He is all boy and loved having a pirate themed birthday party including pirate costumes and a treasure hunt. I know that pirates weren't exactly model citizens, but I love imagination and the bad guys do add to the excitement don't they.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Boys like pink too!

Yes, I am going to attempt blogging. It's been a lifelong dream... not...but some of my friends (Joy, Kelly, and Summer) have stopped emailing me in attempts to make me start my own blog. Whether or not this is true I don't know, but they did inspire this attempt. This picture was taken right before summer began at our friend's (Tim and Chantel) wedding. The kid's were adorable and loved dressing up and feeling like they were the center of attention. If you know Olivia you know she doesn't really love the color pink, but this event helped her realize that if boys like pink then she can too. Not that she's been wearing a lot of pink since, but she has been spotted playing princess dress-up with her cousin Meg. Many summer pictures to come, but at the moment Bobby has our camera with him on a mission trip to Bogota Columbia.